Enforce React Native types

If you set reactNativeTypesOnly to true, then you can only pass styles that fit a React Native style object.

const theme = makeTheme({
types: {
reactNativeTypesOnly: true,


On web, you can set fontWeight as a number, like so: fontWeight: 400.

With React Native, on the other hand, font weights must be strings (fontWeight: '400').

Using a number would probably work with Dripsy if you've utilized the customFonts feature in your theme.


I recommend setting theme.types.reactNativeTypesOnly to true. It is safer.

It defaults to false to avoid breaking changes with users who are on v2 who don't want to refactor.

If your app is new to Dripsy, you should set this field to true.

And it may work to set it to true in your existing app too. If it riddles your type checker with errors, then you can easily disable it.

Web-only types

To clarify: when this is false, it will allow either theme-ui types for a given field, or React Native types.

When it's set to true, it will only allow React Native types (as long as they exist.)

For example: React Native has no cursor property, so using this field will always pull from Web-compatible types.